Wear parts in manganese hard steel

Absolute hardness

One of our most sought after specialties is forging and machining of manganese hard steel.

Our technical equipment, which includes a 10 MN press and a 2.5 metric ton two-standard hammer, enables us to offer all types of processing: flame cutting, turning, milling, grinding.

By employing austenitization in our heat treatment we achieve nearly 100% fracture resistanceunder percussive loading. Where specifications call for the highest performance materials, our parts produced from manganese hard steel are the first choice. They are used in situations of extremely high impact and compression loading, e.g. for blow bars in impact mills, and for parts for comminution of process feed materials.

We can produce installation-ready parts and subassemblies which meet your specifications. In doing so, we work closely with your engineering design department.

Typical components requiring such high hardness are: hammers, shafts, bolts, pins, lifting plates, bushings, sleeves, sliding bases, connecting strips, vibrating rods, armour plates, and grate bars.

ore information can be found here in our data sheet:Download Data Sheet