Wear parts for dredging and excavation

If it lasts a long time, it must be really good

We offer more than 90 years of experience in the field of excavation technology. Against this background of knowledge, we offer you individual solutions tailored precisely to your specifications.

A 3D CAD system is used to design and draw all component parts. Then final decisions are made about optimal shapes and materials, resulting in forged and welded parts for applications in dredging and excavating, which will withstand the heaviest loading:

  • Bolts, bushings, sliding bases
  • Chain links, teeth, and complete excavating buckets
  • for bucket chain excavators and bucket wheel excavators

All of these components and assemblies are forged, welded and heat-treated to meet the highest requirements and provide long-term functional reliability.

ore information can be found here in our data sheet:Download Data Sheet
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