Audutherm hot-work steel

STAHLWERK AUGUSTFEHN supplies forged AUDUTHERM hot-work steels which are suitable for hot working due to the following properties:

  • Resistance to annealing
  • Heat resistance
  • Hot abrasion resistance
  • Hot impact strength
  • Resistance to temperature change
  • Nitridability

STAHLWERK AUGUSTFEHN supplies AUDUTHERM hot-work steels by order, with the following meltings and special treatments:

  • Open melted for normal stress applications
  • Open melted plus fine grain treatment, for high stress applications

Not “as good as possible”, but “as good as necessary”.

  • Electro-slag remelting (ESR) plus fine grain treatment, for very high stress applications
  • Special compositions are possible, even in quantities of less than 10 metric tons

In most instances, STAHLWERK AUGUSTFEHN delivers AUDUTHERM hot-work steels in soft annealed or tempered form.

STAHLWERK AUGUSTFEHN delivers AUDUTHERM hot-work steels to customer specifications

  • as raw forged pieces according to DIN 7527 Bl.6, with handling bores
  • pre-machined on all sides
  • finally machined, up to final finishing such as an engraved legend, finish, or pattern

STAHLWERK AUGUSTFEHN can provide call-off warehousing if desired.

We also assist our customers in optimizing product service life.