Machinery components for strip rolling

Steel strip of first quality

We recommend our AUDURIT forged parts for use in machines and plants for the manufacturing and processing of steel and aluminium strip.

We can provide cylindrical parts for machinery involved in manufacturing and processing of strip material. We can deliver semi-finished or fully-finished items of up to 3.5 metric tons in weight and with a final diameter of 80-400 mm.

Examples of applications:

  • Roll table rollers for highly stressed roll tables
  • Roller bodies, axles and journals for hollow rollers
  • Skin pass rollers, straightening rollers and bending rollers
  • Draw-in rollers, drive rollers and guide rollers
  • Blanks for measuring rollers, coiling shafts and coiling tubes
  • Drive shafts, pistons and cylinders

Depending on the purpose, we select the best suiting tempered, or cold-work or hot-work steels. In this connection, we can make use of our special private brand fine grained products which have a highly homogeneous micro structure.

We offer open die or die-forged parts, as raw forged products or as intermediate or finished products. We also use a wide range of carefully selected materials here that are characterised by the highest wear resistance and heat stability.

Examples of applications:

  • Segments for coil mandrels,
  • Pressure plates and hydraulic plates
  • Component parts

Heat treatment: Always the correct hardness

We tailor the heat treatment to the required characteristics of the material, the customer’s specifications, and the intended application. We offer essentially all types of hardening treatments, including customary annealing, tempering, surface hardening, hardening in a salt bath, and vacuum hardening. We are equipped to perform all types of destructive and non-destructive testing.