Acceptance and testing

Quality management

Quality: Stahlwerk Augustfehn places a high value on quality-orientated and timely work.

ISO 9001-2000: Our quality approach is underscored by our ISO 9001-2000 certification.

Manufacturing checks: Measurements and quality control procedures are a strong element at every stage of manufacturing.

Training: Stahlwerk Augustfehn carries out continuing training of employees according to an established training plan.

Education: In order to satisfy the future requirements of the market, Stahlwerk Augustfehn carries out in-house education of its personnel and also has a program of continuing education with outstanding educational organizations.

Quality control (QC): In preparation for any step, manufacturing QC measures are planned and later implemented, to ensure the high quality in the manufacturing process.

Quality testing

Measurement devices: State of the art measuring equipment and means of calibration and pre-adjustment are employed in connection with machinery and tooling.

Maintenance: Servicing of machines fabricated in-house is carried out by specially trained employees of Stahlwerk Augustfehn.

Accurate and non-destructive testing: Techniques used include: Ultrasound, dye penetration, and magnetic crack testing; materials sampling and verification to ensure that the wrong materials have not been used accidentally; and spectral analysis.

Routine mechanical testing: Tensile strength testing, notch test for bending integrity, and hardness testing (HBW, HV, HRC, and HB(LG)).

Metallography: Grain investigations, and microabrasion evaluation.