Forged products

We fabricate forged parts in numerous shapes and a wide range of dimensions, also in small production runs: forged shredder hammers, forging dies, blanks, buckling parts and any kind of open die forging parts and much more. Have a look!

Our machinery includes

  • a 10 MN open die forging press with a rail mounted manipulator (load capacity 12 metric tons)
  • a 2,500 kg hammer for open die forging as well as forging with forging dies
  • a 650 metric ton screw press for swaged pieces
  • a 700 metric ton bending and straightening press for curved products

Additional flexibility in contours is offered by the use of our CNC flame cutting systems. As mentioned, our products can be delivered as raw forged pieces, intermediate or finished products.

Finished products

  • open die forging parts
  • perforated rings
  • forged slices
  • forged shredder hammers
  • forged products
  • forged bars
  • forging dies
  • forging blanks
  • buckling parts
ore information can be found here in our data sheet:Download Data Sheet