Contract manufacturing

Your first choice for engineering and manufacturing services

Our offerings include not only the products themselves but our know-how and the accumulated skills of our personnel. Needless to say, we assure you of the same care and high quality in engineering services that we are so well known for in manufacturing.

You can be assured that your specifications and guidelines will be adhered to, with our combination of experience, knowledge, and diligence. We provide engineering services and consultation in all of our operating areas:

  • Forging
  • Heat treatment
  • Machining (turning, milling, cutting, etc.)

We invite you to arrange for a meeting with one of our technical consultants. Your problem deserves no less.

Direct contract services include cutting, turning and milling

As a manufacturer and service provider, we also offer mechanical precision machining as contract work.

Parameters for machining:


Maximum diameter 450 mm

Centre lathe turning

Diameter: max. 1,000 mm. length: max. 4,000 mm.

CNC turning

Diameter: max. 420 mm. length: max. 6,000 mm

CNC milling

Milling travels:

X = 8,000 mm

Y = 800 mm

Z = 500 mm

If you have questions, our technical consultants are at your service.

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Contract heat treatment, including annealing, tempering, hardening and carburizing

We perform contract processing in heat treatment areas. The following processes and equipment are available to serve you:

  • Heat treatment (tempering and ageing)
  • Normal and soft annealing
  • Stress relief annealing
  • Diffusion annealing
  • Recrystallization annealing
  • Special heat treatment according to customer’s request

General heat treatment

With our computer controlled heat treatment, parameters such as the temperature control, overall duration of heat treatment, atmospheric conditions in the furnace, and cooling times are carefully calculated and adjusted to the product. Best conditions for the best products.


Various sizes of chamber furnaces and box furnaces:

Width: max. 6,000 mm

Height: max. 1,400 mm

Depth: max. 2,100 mm

Temperature: max. 1,200 °C

Heat treatment using polymers and water: max. 1,100 °C

Batch weight: max. 10t

Quenching tanks Length Width Depth
Polymer tank 8.000 mm 3.000 mm 3.000 mm
Oil tank 5.000 mm 2.500 mm 2.500 mm
Water tank 8.000 mm 3.000 mm 3.000 mm

All baths have means of circulation, to ensure continuously uniform cooling conditions.

Blasting plant

Blasting in accordance with standard (SA), in closed automatically operating unit with the use of metal shot.


1,000 metric ton press, two-standard hammer, or manual straightening apparatus.

Our technical consultants will be only too pleased to answer your questions.

ore information can be found here in our data sheet:Download Data Sheet