Privacy policy

Stahlwerk Augustfehn Schmiede GmbH & Co. KG takes the protection of your confidential data, including personal data, very seriously. Among other things, the company is in full and strict compliance with the Data Protection statutes. Any personal data submitted to the website will be used only for technically necessary purposes (such as preparing a response, if you indicate a desire to be contacted; and such as website management, diagnostics, and statistics). Any information concerning you which we store will be used solely for the performance of your orders and fulfilment of your instructions (and related customer service functions). In no instance will data which we collect be sold or transferred to third parties for any reason.
If you fill out one of our forms (online or otherwise), we will deem that you consent to the above policy on data use.

Nonetheless, you have the right at any time to order us to erase your personal data. Upon receipt of such a request, by telephone, fax, letter, or e-mail, we, Stahlwerk Augustfehn Schmiede GmbH & Co. KG, pledge that we will immediately remove all of your data from our database.

The use of contact data appearing in connection with the website imprint or the like, such as postal addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, and e-mail addresses, by third parties for sending of information not expressly requested is prohibited. Legal steps will be taken against senders of “spam” e-mails in violation of this prohibition.